TDC Indonesia is
a branding strategist.

About TDC

We help businesses to build their brands and improve their business performances through design and great marketing strategy. We ensure all the pieces of your brand work harmoniously together; from brand promise, message, market positioning, logo, fonts, advertising, video and other design elements.

Our passion is not to make your brand (or design) looks pretty, but to create a strong foundation whether your brand is able to add value to the society. We focus on the impact of the design not just how it looks.

At TDC, we combine powerful marketing strategy through design thinking; to build brands that enable business growth.

What Sets Us Apart

TDC focuses more on your business growth and the impact of our design.

We grasp problems quickly and provide branding solutions.

We are passionate about aligning business strategy with design.

When To Reach Us

You’re building a new business and need a brand name, strategy and visual identity.

Your business is experiencing new challenges from competitors or markets, and would like to stay ahead of competitors.

Your brand would like to engage with its customers & boost customer experiences (in need of marketing campaigns /advertisements)

You’re considering to re-brand.