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The Power of Brand Consistency

The Power of Brand Consistency

Words : Elisa Kuswari

Building a strong brand is beyond having a well-designed logo or website, it's also about your service and social media image.

The first impression is everything, so does the second, the third and so forth. Well-known businesses have invested so much in branding because they want their targeted audience to get the impression they want them to perceive.


First thing first, what is a brand? A brand is who you are, who you want to be and what you offer; it’s basically everything that identifies your company as a brand. Building a strong brand is beyond having a well- designed logo or website, but it’s also about your customer service or social media profile image. According to Fast Company, the brand is a promise of the value you’ll receive. So, why is having a brand consistency so important for any type of business?


  1. It creates a sustainable audience recognition

By always delivering the same message across all your brand assets and marketing platforms, you have the power to shape people’s perceptions and manage your brand image in the public eye. When your audience has already grasped the clarity of what your brand is and what you deliver, it will be easier for them to relate themselves to and identify you amongst other similar businesses.


  1. It generates trust

In order to build an effective and powerful branding, you have to understand what your targeted audience wants and needs. Can you fulfill their expectations with what you offer? A great branding should be able to represent values for the consumers to reflect on. It goes without saying you have to provide something for them to believe in, therefore they will gain the credibility and trust in your products and/or services.



  1. It allows you to differentiate your brand from the competition

 Branding is about the promises you build for your audience. It’s about bringing consistent messages, emotions and personalities to what people can relate to. Having a strong branding allows you to achieve loyal and committed consumers and put your brand in a clear position to stand out in the crowd.

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