Erafone (Erajaya Group)

The Challenge

Established in 1996, Erajaya Group is one of the largest and most trusted company engaging in an integrated business of the distribution and retail of mobile telecommunications equipment. Erajaya Group is at the leading company in the field of the distribution and retail of mobile phones. This achievement cannot be separated from the distribution and retail strategy developed by Erajaya Group. Keeping marketing communications consistent and contemporary is an ongoing challenge, and we hold these principles at the core of everything we do for Erafone.

Our Approach

We set out to align all of their brand touchpoints by developing a robust design system that would work across the full scale of projects – everything from internal comms and operational systems. We create almost monthly branding and print media for each promotional campaign for Erafone to be put or advertised in each stores in Jakarta area.

The Result

Through our exceptional project management and quality deliverables, we’ve become brand custodians for Erafone. Such is the quality of work we produce, we’ve successfully maintained this position for over two years.


Branding; Printing;

Our association is passionate about aligning business strategy with design.

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