PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk Calendar

The Challenge

Having a vision to be the leader in the construction industry by building trust, PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk has successfully achieved more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry. That does not necessarily make Totalindo stand still. Instead, it serves as a solid catalyst for the company to strive even harder to grow in this extremely challenging industry. The client required a media to tell a story of the company, including its proud projects, business ethics and others. TDC suggested to tell the story from 2018 Calendar as new year is approaching.

Our Approach

A calendar is more than just a list of dates and events, it tells a story of the company from vision and values, recent projects, community and others. We designed minimalist but corporate calendar to help Totalindo’s clients remember their special events.

The Result

Having a customized calendar that highlights events that are important helps companies and clients keep track of important events, activities, financial needs, and gives them a personalized touch that they will continue using all year round. This helps audience remember Totalindo all year round.


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Our association is passionate about aligning business strategy with design.

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