PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk Company Profile

The Challenge

PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk, founded back in 1996, is now a well-established construction company specializing in building multi-segment projects in Indonesia. Entering the Indonesian capital market on 16 June 2017 marks a new challenge for the company as a public company. It has become company’s priority to satisfy clients’ needs, profitability and implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG) as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Therefore, the company planned to update their company profile as a public company, emphasizing in mature and professionalism look.

Our Approach

The director and PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk’s team was very supportive in helping us developing a new content and design of its company profile. TDC suggested to focus on mature and professionalism look as the company had just recently been listed on Indonesian Stock Exchange. The audience of Totalindo’s company profile are mainly corporate, investors and developers, hence we designed the elements to be simple, modern but professional.

The Result

PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk continued its success in construction industry. A well-designed company profile helps investors and clients to have a quick look into company’s product or services, allowing them to have a general view of what the company offers, its unique strengths, track records, and whether it is a good entity to do business with.


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