Daan Mogot City

The Challenge

CCCG is one of top 500 global fortune companies in the world and is known for development of large scale infrastructure projects worldwide, including many complex nature projects and many iconic Real Estate Property development. In 2017, CCCG presented Daan Mogot City to Indonesia’s property market, a mega block with the total of 4 building phases and 8 towers to begin with for just Phase 1 stage, together with great commercial area and facilities. To make Daan Mogot CIty a well known figure in Indonesia’s property and to increase its branding awareness with great strategy and campaign is our ultimate vision for this project.

Our Approach

Working efficiently with our group of special team and also Daan Mogot City marketing communication team, we are becoming its trusted branding consultant. Having their weekly and monthly strategic campaign sorted out and always keep up to date with current market and actual analysis, TDC are very committed to make Daan Mogot City “The Best Arising Property in West Jakarta”. We helped them from all marketing and strategic factors including branding awareness strategy, campaign analysis, advertisement plan and analysis, strategic design and implementation, digital marketing campaign,etc.

The Result

We have provided them with many branding, marketing and property insights in order to create a more cohesive content to be used in the future. We have also created many digital marketing strategies through maintaining their social media updates that are co-related with their digital branding. We have also created a brand guidelines to help them with maintaining a consistent branding as well as provided them with some market research regarding their brand value within the Indonesian market.


Design; Digital Marketing; Property Business Strategy; Strategy Analysis;

Our association is passionate about aligning business strategy with design.

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