Kingland Avenue

The Challenge

Kingland Avenue is a foreign property developer in Indonesia, the market is entirely new to them. Even though Kingland is exceptionally well-known in their field in Hong Kong, the Indonesian market has no knowledge of this, and thus we needed to do some market research regarding any knowledge and brand impression that the market has on Kingland Avenue. The scope of work included creating a visual presentation and also a thorough market research to present to the foreign investors of Kingland Avenue’s project in Tangerang area.

Our Approach

A thorough market research was conducted along with several surveys to the target market of the project. We have decided to gather as much knowledge as we could to provide great insights; based on the surrounding area, target market, and product positioning. The project itself is unique and we cannot find many sources regarding the category of the project, thus further survey and hands-on approach was taken in order to gather as much information as possible. After the analysis, we created the presentation while bearing in mind what the target market requires to know and fit in our research and data we have gathered.

The Result

The presentation we have created alongside the information research we have gathered will definitely provide great insights for Kingland Avenue, especially considering that they are newly established in Indonesia.


Branding; Property Business Strategy; Strategy Analysis; Market Research;

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