The Challenge

Insurance had always been ‘adult business’ and in this digital era where everyone is magnetized to their screens, it is much harder to reach certain audiences. SEQUIS is an insurance company whose vision is to be able to reach the digital market in the most efficient way possible. While there are many insurance company in Indonesia, we feel that none has really reached out towards those millennials. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that can sustain and interest the millennials who are within the boundaries of a different market sector altogether. Considering that millennials are prone to digital distractions, we find that the market itself poses a critical challenge within this project.

Our Approach

We felt that research was vital for this project, we researched the insurance market in Indonesia and we also interviewed some millennials regarding their opinion on the subject. After we gathered enough data, we crafted a simplistic, modern, and friendly logo that can relate to millennials’ interests. In which, in this era, many are focused on lifestyle.

The Result



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