Bintang Mas

The Challenge

To create a innovative and thoroughly responsive website for Bintang Mas. Originally, the idea was to create a light website that provides good information regarding the company to the market. However, due to the amount of SKU that Bintang Mas has, we have decided to derive from the original plan to create an e-commerce website that could help our client maintain an online presence as well as creating an easy online stock take.

Our Approach

Firstly, we created a base wireframe for the website, keeping in mind that there are many varieties of the products that needed to be placed within the online catalog. After the wireframe was approved we moved on to create a basic identity of Bintang Mas itself, we renewed the colour and chose a palette that will fit the identity of the company. After choosing a more modernized style due to the nature of the company, we moved on to create a cohesive website that will run smoothly even after the project ends.

The Result

There were many difficulties in maintaining more than 100 SKU. However, after many troubleshootings and revisions, we have created a modern website that is responsive in both computer and mobile view.


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