China Railway Engineering Corporation

The Challenge

China Railway (also known as CREC) is a foreign company whose launching their first property project in Indonesia. As they are a foreign company, aside from the basic identity and collateral designs, we had to provide some market insights to help them starting out. The project is based in Mega Kuningan and considering that there are many competitors, we found that they are one of the biggest challenge we had.

Our Approach

Considering the project itself is located in one of the most prestigious locations in Jakarta, we had to make sure that the brand positioning is at the same level or even more than the competitors. We had to research other developments around the area in order to know the brand position so that we will be able to craft the brand essence.

The Result

The overall result of the project is that TDC has managed to assist the client in creating the brochure for marketing and advertising purposes. Aside from that, TDC also succeeded in creating an identity that reflects upon the projects purposes and also highlights the true vision of the developer itself.


Branding; Identity; Design; Printing; Digital Marketing; Property Business Strategy; Market Research;

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