The Challenge

Swancity is one of the biggest multinational developers and operator headquartered in Singapore. Having several successful projects such as Lavon, Swancity was building another residential area. This time it has to be different from their previous plans, TDC Indonesia challenged to make a new-strong name and concept.

Our Approach

When creating the brand identity, we originated from one of Japanese life philosophy, Wabi-Sabi and Yugen, which aesthetically translated to timeless beauty. Hence the simplicity of the logo and the calm colour or feeling of the whole brand identity. Our goal is for this brand to be as timeless and elegant as the philosophy behind it.

The Result

Within this project, we have created a whole new brand identity with a thick Japanese concept, making Daisan one of the leading Japanese concept residences in Indonesia. We have also given many offline and online marketing collaterals for future customers to gain more information about Daisan.


Branding; Identity; Design; Printing; Website;

Our association is passionate about aligning business strategy with design.

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